Mouth of the Tweed Celebrating and Promoting our Local Food Heritage - Today and in the Past
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One of the best ways of exploring the food heritage of the district around Berwick-upon-Tweed is by bicycle and several rides have been developed to make this possible.

Suggested cycle rides:-

1. Exploring Berwick’s Surroundings

Various rides from 8 to 22 miles

2. In the Tracks of the Monks to Holy Island  

Two rides of 26.0 miles and 35.4 miles

3. To the Castles of Tweed and Till

Three rides of 24.1 miles, 31.9 miles and 39.5 miles

4. Across the Merse to Duns  

Three rides of 16.0 miles, 29.0 miles and 35.7 miles

5. Exploring the Berwickshire Coast

Various rides from 35.0 to 43.9 miles

Exploring Our Food Heritage by Bicycle