Mouth of the Tweed Celebrating and Promoting our Local Food Heritage - Today and in the Past
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We want to encourage you to explore our area using our local bus services. If our rural services do not attract sufficient passengers we will lose them.

A journey by bus allows you to enjoy the countryside without the worry of driving and, of course, it is a “greener” way to travel.

Each of the five suggested routes includes a visit to one of our local producers and highlights local specialities to look out for.

At each of the destinations there are suitable spots where you can enjoy a picnic using locally-sourced ingredients that you can buy during your visit.

We have offered the most practical bus times for your day out, although on most of the routes there are some alternative services.

Please ensure you are at the bus stop in good time so you don’t miss your service.

Suggested days out by bus:-

1. Northumberland Coast

2. The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

3. Eyemouth & The Berwickshire Coast

4. Heatherslaw Corn-mill & Etal Village (and a steam-train ride!)

5. Paxton House & Union Chain Bridge

6. Ord & Norham

Discover Our Food Heritage by Bus