Mouth of the Tweed Celebrating and Promoting our Local Food Heritage - Today and in the Past
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Tweed Salmon Fisheries


Look for Tweed salmon on local menus. It is a rare delicacy today. Years spent living wild in the ocean and eating a varied diet gives it a distinctive taste and texture.

Salmon have been netted on the River Tweed for centuries.

 As many as 300 men were once employed in the salmon-netting industry near the mouth of the Tweed, catching up to 300,000 fish in a good year.

Today, only two salmon-netting fisheries are still in operation using the traditional methods.

From mid-June to mid-September look for the netsmen and their traditional boats, or “cobles”, at Gardo Fishery near Berwick’s Old Bridge and at Paxton House, about 4 miles (6km) upstream from Berwick.